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POCT DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER2022-01-27T20:59:09+03:00


    • Sample Type:       Whole Blood/ Serum/Plasma/ Urine/ Fingertip Blood
    • Methodology:       Lateral Flow Chromatography (Immunofluorescence)
    • Sample Position: 48 samples per run, 150 tests/hour
    • Dimensions:          530mm× 410 mm×620 mm (D×W×H)
    • Weight:                   55 kg
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    • Sample Type:            Whole Blood/ Serum/Plasma/ Capillary blood/ Urine
    • Methodology:            Lateral Flow Chromatography (Immunofluorescence)
    • Sample Position:      8 channels
    • Dimensions:              344 mm × 409 mm× 193 mm (D×W×H)
    • Weight:                       9 kg
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  • Getein1100 is used to measure concentration of biomarkers in human whole blood, serum, plasma or urine samples. The results can be used as an aid in clinical diagnosis of laboratory and point of care testing. It is applicable in Emergency, Clinical Lab, Outpatient, ICU, CCU, Cardiology, ambulance, operating room, wards, etc.
    • Sample Type:     Serum/ Plasma/ Urine/ Whole Blood
    • Test Time:           3-15 min/test
    • Methodology:    Lateral Flow Chromatography (Immunofluorescence)
    • Dimensions:       261 mm×241 mm×115 mm (D×W×H)
    • Weight:                2 kg
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