2H Health Medical Solutions

2H Diagnostic, which was established in May 2010 and has TSE & AFTER SALES SERVICE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE, provides technical service for biochemistry – coagulation-urine -point of care devices, our distributorships in Turkey and the products we bring.

2H Diagnostic aims a safe and effective partnership with its business partners especially at the service point and works with this effort and awareness. In the beginning, he started his business life with blood count devices, and expanded its business volume by adding new laboratory devices to its product portfolio, with new investments made within the company. It provides electronic maintenance/repair service for all kinds of devices and hardware, regardless of the brand-model-function of the medical device users. It provides service for all regions of Turkey.

2H Diagnostic, working with professional end users in mutual interaction, analyzes today’s user needs and has made it a principle to provide the highest quality and affordable service to the end user. The company, which has increased its experience and knowledge as a result of cooperation with world-renowned companies with which it has commercial relations, is constantly working to have an important share in the medical field by constantly improving itself.

2H Diagnostic constantly accelerates its work in order to keep product quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level, and continues its efforts for new devices that will meet the needs with the latest technology in the medical device industry.



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