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FIB Reagent

FIB Reagent

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FIB Reagent

Fibrinogen Reagent

The Fibrinogen Reagent is used for measuring fibrinogen levels in human plasma, helping diagnose coagulation disorders and monitor therapeutic interventions. It delivers reliable and accurate results.

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Fibrinogen Reagent

The Rayto Fibrinogen Reagent is specifically designed for the accurate and reliable determination of fibrinogen levels in human plasma. This reagent plays a crucial role in diagnosing coagulation disorders and monitoring therapeutic interventions, ensuring consistent and precise results in clinical settings.

Intended Use

This reagent is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of fibrinogen in human plasma. It aids in diagnosing coagulation disorders and monitoring therapeutic interventions.

About Fibrinogen

Fibrinogen is a plasma protein that is essential for blood clot formation. It is converted by thrombin into fibrin during the blood clotting process. Measuring fibrinogen levels is crucial for diagnosing bleeding disorders, liver disease, and other conditions affecting clot formation.


Specification Details
Test Item Fibrinogen
Sample Type Human Plasma
Detection Range Quantitative
Test Time Varies by procedure
Storage Condition 2-8℃
Shelf Life 30 days after opening

Clinical Applications

  • Diagnosing coagulation disorders
  • Monitoring therapeutic interventions
  • Assessing liver function
  • Detecting bleeding disorders