The Rayto RAC-050 Auto Coagulation Analyzer is designed to efficiently and accurately perform coagulation tests in clinical laboratories. This innovative device can automatically conduct all the tests necessary to measure the blood clotting process. With its user-friendly interface and automated functions, laboratory staff can easily operate it and save time. Features of the Rayto RAC-050 include:
  • Automatic operation mode, which automates the testing process and minimizes human errors.
  • Multi-channel design, capable of processing multiple samples simultaneously.
  • Wide test menu, covering various coagulation tests and meeting diverse clinical needs.
  • Rapid results, enabling quick decision-making in urgent situations.
  • Compact design, optimizing laboratory space usage and providing portability.
The Rayto RAC-050 is an indispensable tool for clinical laboratories, offering reliable performance and user-friendly design. It provides high-quality results, efficient workflow, and optimal patient care.

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