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AMH Fast Test Kit (Immunofluorescence Assay)

Getein AMH Fast Test Kit is used as an aid in indicating ovarian functional reserve, and also help to diagnose menstrual disorders or to monitor the health of women.


  • Test Item:        AMH
  • Sample Type:  Serum/Plasma
  • Test Time:       15 min
  • Methodology: Immunofluorescence Assay
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AMH Fast Test Kit

(Immunofluorescence Assay)

Intended Use

AMH Fast Test Kit (Immunofluorescence Assay) is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of AMH in human serum and plasma samples.

About AMH

Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), also called Müllerian inhibiting substance (MIS), is a homodimeric glycoprotein from the TGF-β family. It plays a major role in cell growth and differentiation. AMH molecular weight is 140 kDa.

AMH plays a role in gender differentiation during embryo development. Under the influence of AMH secreted by Sertoli cells of the embryonic testis, the Müllerian ducts regress in male fetuses, which leads to the normal development of male genitals. The absence of AMH allows the Müllerian ducts to further develop, resulting in the internal female genital organs.


1. For Getein1100

Package specifications: 25 tests/box, 10 tests/box

1) Getein AMH test card in a sealed pouch with desiccant

2) Disposable pipet

3) Sample diluent

4) User manual: 1 piece/box

5) SD card: 1 piece/box

2. For Getein1600:

Package specifications: 2×24 tests/box, 2×48 tests/box

Sealed cartridge with 24/48 Getein AMH test cards

User manual: 1 piece/box

Materials required for Getein1600:

1) Sample diluent: 1 bottle/box

2) Box with pipette tips: 96 tips/box

3) Mixing plate: 1 piece/box

Note: Do not mix or interchange different batches of kits.


Test Item Sample Method Storage Condition
AMH S/P Immunofluorescence


Detection Range Test Time Cut-off Value Shelf Life
0.10 ng/mL~20.00 ng/mL 15 min Refer to User Manual 24 months

Applicable Device

Getein1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Getein1600 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Clinical Application

1. As a marker for ovarian functional reserve.

2. AMH can be used as a screening test to assess fertility status in women over 30 and particularly those over 35 years of age.

3. As an aid in the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

4. As an aid in the investigation of gonadal function, the differential diagnosis of intersexuality and cryptorchidism/anorchism and the diagnosis of precocious/late puberty.

5. AMH also can be used to detect the presence of testes in cryptorchidic boys.

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