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hs-CRP+CRP Fast Test Kit (Immunofluorescence Assay)

Getein hs-CRP+CRP Fast Test Kit is useful for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury and inflammatory disorders.

  • Test Item:        hs-CRP+CRP
  • Sample Type:  Plasma/Serum/Whole Blood
  • Test Time:       3 min
  • Methodology:  Immunofluorescence Assay
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hs-CRP+CRP Fast Test Kit

(Immunofluorescence Assay)


Intended Use

hs-CRP+CRP Fast Test Kit (Immunofluorescence Assay) is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) in serum, plasma whole blood, or fingertip blood. Measurement of CRP is useful for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury and inflammatory disorders. Measurement of high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP), when used in conjunction with traditional clinical laboratory evaluation of acute coronary syndromes (ACS), may be useful as an independent marker of prognosis for recurrent events in patients with stable coronary disease or ACS.

About hs-CRP+CRP

C-reactive protein is an acute-phase reactant that precipitated with Pneumococcal C-polysaccharide, and is a non-specific immune response component. CRP has wide distribution in our body, and is an acute-phase protein produced in the liver in response to microbic infection or tissue injury, it measures general levels of inflammation in the body, and the hs-CRP can be used to detect lower concentrations of CRP in serum or plasma. Studies revealed hs-CRP levels seem to be correlated with Atherosclerosis and Acute Myocardial Infarction. And the hs-CRP is an inflammation “marker” for ACS patient and is helpful for primary prevention and risk assessment of cardiovascular disease. Its combination with the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL-C is more accurate than other risk factor in predicting cardiovascular disease.


1. For Getein1100

Package specifications: 25 tests/box, 10 tests/box

1) hs-CRP+CRP test card in a sealed pouch with desiccant

2) Capillary pipet

3) Sample diluent

4) User manual: 1 piece/box

5) SD/RFID card: 1 piece/box

2. For Getein1600

Package specifications: 2×24 tests/box, 2×48 tests/box

1) Sealed cartridge with 24/48 Getein hs-CRP+CRP test cards

2) User manual: 1 piece/box

Materials required for Getein1600:

1) Sample diluent: 1 bottle/box

2) Box with pipette tips: 96 tips/box

3) Mixing plate: 1 piece/box

Note: Do not mix or interchange different batches of kits.


Test Item Sample Detection Range Storage Condition
hs-CRP+CRP P/S/WB 0.5~200 mg/L 4-30℃
Method Test Time Cut-off Value Shelf Life


3 min 3 mg/L 24 months

Applicable Device

Getein1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Getein1600 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Clinical Application

1. As an aid in the distinguish between bacterial and viral infection.

2. As an aid in the risk assessment for cardiovascular inflammatory diseases.

3. An effective indicator for cardiovascular disease.

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